This is our facebook calendar which updates automatically. Please also see our main facebook feed (on our homepage or the facebook website) for the latest events which may not be present on this page.

Throughout the year we hold many different events. The majority of the events are free, and anyone can attend or participate regardless of their religous belief or none – and we hope to see you there, Insha’Allah.

From Bake sale to bowling, Moroccan tea night, sleepovers, planetarium visits, horse riding, trampolining, BBQ and Airspace – these are the events we organise – all appropriately fun!

Other events include socials, calligraphy, dinner parties and information evenings about Islam and its misconceptions. But also events where we can support you, such as academic revision sessions, Sisters’ and Brothers’ Circle, Friday prayer and committee feedback events.

See below for some of the weekly and annual events we hold – and see our calendar on the right for the lastest events.


Join us on for Jummah in the Forehall, conveniently located on campus. A wonderful opportunity to please and rerember Allah, to hear those wonderful reminders in the Khutba  and catch up with friends between class.

Jummah prayers are usally held in the Fore Hall in the Gilber Scott Building (brothers and sisters).


Enables individuals to learn and discuss Islam. We have timetables topics for example values, responsibility, family, finance. It is also an opportunity for you to raise personal concerns. We are here to help and all information remains confidential. We have alternating brothers’ circles and sisters’ circles occurring every fortnight throughout the semesters, so please feel free to attend, no booking required.


We are delighted that GUMSA hosts a comprehensive 5 week course teaching Arabic calligraphy and the basics of this prestigious Islamic art. You will have the chance to create your very own beautiful pieces of artwork with the use of specialised materials, which are provided within the cost of the class! To make this experience more memorable, you will be guided by an experienced and professional instructor, Zubeir Alvi from Lote Tree Arts.


An Islamic studies programme helping students live their faith through developing the themes of worship, belief and self-reflection.Taught by Glasgow’s own Shaykhs Amer and Ruzwan, Isyllabus is a year-long commitment to learning excellence. For more information, or to book your place go to iSyllabus. We also have scolaships for the isyllabus. Please contact us directly for more


The ultimate introduction to GUMSA and the University of Glasgow. We provide a full week of activities to keep you newbies (and the tag along oldies) completely entertained. The perfect opportunity to make new friends and find out what’s what on campus.


One of the most famous weeks in the university calendar The goal is to raise as much money as possible in one week for orphans around the world. One week packed with fun events. Treasure hunts, sleepovers, international food sale , skydiving – you name it, it’s been done. Or has it? Facebook

we are always looking for volunteers as it takes a huge team to pull off this week.


A week dedicated to helping people discover Islam in its pure form and ultimately, inviting people to this beautiful way of life. A diverse week including lectures, mosque tours, discussions and the annually anticipitated interfaith dinner.


Teaching for students, arranged by students. Our dedicated academia team is a set of friendly students will be organising tailored revision sessions near exam periods. An extremely popular initiative that has fantastic feedback year after year. Delivered by a range of GUMSA professionals and students.


Our annual Iftar is a wonderful collaboration with our neighbouring universities, in which all Glasgow students come together in the blessed month of Ramadhan to break bread (or roti). A truly fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded students, who study all over Glasgow and who will undoubtedly become some of your closest friends.