[title size=”1″]Student Discounts [/title]

discount card frontdiscount card backdiscount card advert angle only

[title size=”2″]Chicken place 10% off[/title]

[title size=”2″]Waffle Monster 10% off[/title]

[title size=”2″]Chocolate Factory 10% off[/title]

[title size=”2″]Cafe India 10% off[/title]

[title size=”2″]Deeserts 10% off[/title]

[title size=”2″]Krave 15% off (11 am to 10 pm) and 10% off out of these times[/title]

[title size=”2″]Cilli Grill 15%[/title]

[title size=”2″]Mia 20% off[/title]

[title size=”2″]Sugar & Spice 20% off[/title]

[title size=”2″]Halal Direct Scotland 10% off[/title]

[title size=”2″]Route_66  20% off (only foods no drinks)[/title]

[title size=”2″]Sugar rush 15% off[/title]

[title size=”2″]Red Pepper 15% off__Buy 2 burgers get 1 free(cheapest burger free)[/title]

[title size=”2″]Panda £1 off everything[/title]

[title size=”2″]Subway 15% off everything (Great Western Road only)  [/title]

[title size=”2″]Delicious Too 15% off[/title]

[title size=”2″]iCafe 10% off[/title]