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As-salaamu alaykum

Peace be upon you

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Some of our Awards

Most Outstanding Sister 2019 
Janna - FOSIS

Creative Act of Good 2018 - FOSIS

Political Engagement Aware 2016 -FOSIS

ISOC of the Year 2016 - FOSIS

Most Academic Society 2015 - FOSIS

Best Event 2015 - Glasgow University

Most Charitable Society 2014 -

Glasgow University

Best Social Events 2014 - FOSIS

As-salaamu alaykum!

My name is Janna and I’d like to welcome you to GUMSA, Glasgow University Muslim Student Association! We are a group of diverse students trying to make the University experience for young Muslims as enjoyable and beneficial as possible, be that academically, spiritually or personally.


The GUMSA experience can be, and has been for so many people, the highlight of your University journey. We offer a safe, inclusive space for you to make friends, learn about your deen, have fun, participate in charity and community initiatives and learn new skills!


Whatever you hope to gain from joining us, you’ll find something in our jam-packed calendar to your taste inshaAllah, as our amazing committee works very hard all year to make your experience the best it can be.


My advice is don’t be scared to take part in extra-curricular activities because of your studies. You’ll have more than enough time for both and taking regular breaks can help massively with University work, as well as benefit you personally and spiritually!

All the best,

Janna Butt - President 2020/2021


Welcome to GUMSA 

In 1968 a student called Aslam Ibrahim initiated the Glasgow University Muslim Students Association with aims to unify and activate the Muslims on campus. His aims were simple – to create a voice for Muslim students to be able to fully practise their religion at Glasgow University.


Since GUMSA’s inception, we have striven to fulfil these aims as well as create new ones in which we foster links with the university and other student bodies to work together for the community in Glasgow -  and insha'Allah we hope to uphold these values.


Our Team

Have you ever wanted to be more in GUMSA ? Whether you’re in first year or proposing your PhD thesis, there’s no age requirement to become a committee member. Now’s your chance!

There are many volunteering positions in GUMSA as we have a very busy calendar of fun and exciting events. Volunteering positions include designers, charity fundraisers, writers, and event organisers. Contact us to get involved via social media, email or talk to the executive committee. 

Our executive committee is a team full of senior positions that ensure accountability and leadership to how GUMSA is managed every academic year. Their priority is to ensure the spiritual and social needs of Muslim students on campus are met. These members change every year through a vote at our annual general meeting by GUMSA members just before summer exams.


Anyone can be in the executive committee – what it requires is a manifesto containing any relevant experience and ideas. 

Don’t blend in the background during university, get involved and develop your character. There’s bound to be a role perfect for you! 

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2020/2021 Executive Committee

Janna Butt

Vice President Brother
Daanish Zaidi

Vice President Sister
Maryam Zakariyah


Adnan Iqbal

General Secretary
Fatma Gok

Student Affairs Officer
Mehnaz Naveed


PR & Marketing Officer
Sherzah Jamal


Sisters' Social Convener
Aisha Patel

Brothers' Social Convener
Hassan Salah

Education & Development Officer
Hamza Riaz


Here at GUMSA we believe in integrating with the wider Community to allow our organisation to grow and develop. One of the ways that GUMSA can remain active as a financially viable entity is through our  sponsors who allow us to carry out our activities to the high standard that we are, Alhamdullilah, able to. Click on our sponsors to find out more about them and what they do. If you would like to support GUMSA you are welcome to click the donate button below.




Namak Mandi Glasgow bringing the Authentic taste of Afghani Cuisine to Scotland in an exquisite environment. Authentic dishes crafted using traditional cooking techniques specialising in slow cooked meats and flavoursome curries.

17-23 Bridge St, Glasgow, G5 9JB

0141 429 8663

curry villiage

A household name amongst Glaswegians, Village Curry House has fed the city with the finest halal desi cuisine available in Scotland. Make a visit to receive an unforgettable experience, and you can also utilise the GUMSA Discount Card there too!

129 Nelson St, Glasgow G5 8DZ

0141 429 4610

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GUMSA is one of 200+ Student Representative Council (SRC) affiliated societies at the University of Glasgow. By being partnered and registered with the SRC we are able to participate at Freshers’ Fair, organise events within campus buildings (including Friday prayer) and receive grants, Alhamdulillah. We thank them for supporting us.

We also work with the Muslim associations of Strathclyde and Caledonian University for talks and collaborative events. In addition, we work with the Jewish, Christian societies and other societies at University for guest speakers and for our Interfaith Dinners. Again, we thank them for supporting us. Allah Kareem.