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Frequent Events

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We have a comprehensive 5 week  Arabic calligraphy course so you can practise and learn using specialised materials which are included in the class and you will be guided by a professional instructor.

Weekly Circles

We have a brothers and sisters circle which anyone can join. Its purpose is to reflect on spiritual and self development to enhance our character and lead us closer to Allah.

Social Events

Guest Speakers

Throughout the year
we host a variety of events. We’re about having fun and taking your mind off the stressful times at university. From bowling, trampolining, movie nights, barbecues, dinners, planetarium visits 
we have something for everyone!

We hold guest speakers at GUMSA on important topics. Speakers include Sheikhs Amer Jamil, Ruzwan Mohammed, Muiz Bukhary, Sohaib Saeed, Jasmine Gani and many more.

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Friday Prayer

 Friday Prayers (Known as Jummah) are located on campus in Fore Hall,
completed with great reminders in the Khutba. See Facebook for up to date information.

Revision Sessions

Students need a helping hand when exams approach. Which is why we provide revision classes for Medicine, Engineering, Biology, Chemistry and Dentistry. Tips, notes, and thorough explanations are provided.

Special Events

Islamic Awareness Week

Freshers Week

This incredibly fun week will introduce you to university life and help you make friends and settle into the university life. Come along to our stall at the Freshers Fair and find out more about GUMSA. We have events everyday such as our Eat, Meet and Greet event, trampolining, bowling, Quiz Night, Jummah, a day trip and our annual Freshers’ Dinner. 

Charity Week

As Muslims, it is very important for us to do charity and Charity Week is a perfect opportunity for us students to get involved and give back. This is an international campaign run by Islamic Relief where Islamic societies, such as GUMSA, host a variety of fundraising events to raise money for orphans around the world. Events include bake sales, bucketing, movie nights and many others.

Iftar Dinner

The GUMSA Iftar is an opportunity to bring the students and the wider community together to break fast during the blessed month of Ramadan. The dinner involved fundraising for a worthy cause and Islamic reminders from local scholars. Our previous Iftar welcomed 450 people to River Palace.

This is a national campaign where Islamic societies perform dawah on campus so we are able to effectively spread the beautiful message of Islam to students and faculty. For the duration of the week, we host a variety of free events which encourage equality and diversity, interfaith dialogue and expand relationships with other religious groups on campus. This is achieved through events such as socials, panel discussion, revert talks and our annual Interfaith Dinner which attracts 250 people annually.

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interfaith dinner 2019.jpg