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Group Chats

Our WhatsApp chats are our main source of communication. Keep up to date with the latest events, classes and more by joining the chats!

Prayer Spaces

We’re blessed to have many mosques in Glasgow and near the university - Not to mention several prayer spaces on campus for all. 

Main Building: Interfaith Room

Open 9am-5pm

Includes Wudhu Facilities 

James McCune Smith Learning Hub: Level 7

Includes Wudhu Facilities

University Library: Level 9 Annexe

Includes Wudhu Facilities

Other Spaces

There are also prayer spaces in the St Andrews Building, Veterinary Hospital, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, the Dental Hospital and more.

Useful Duas

See the pdf for a selection of duas that can be used at anytime, including during the exam period!

Prayer Times

Prayer times are, unfortunately, different between different mosques in Glasgow.

Consequently, we follow Glasgow Central Mosque's prayer timings, which you can find below!

Student Accommodation

Generally, for first year undergraduate students, the university offers halls so the majority of these students choose this as their default option. Most students who are not 1st year students generally move into private student accommodation or rent a house/flat with friends.

The best contact is to join the GUMSA WhatsApp group which has both a sisters group and a brothers group - send us a message on Facebook/contact a gumsa member first so we can add you on to help find/advertise accommodation.

We also have a document that may be useful if you are looking for private accommodation which is given out by the University of Glasgow Accommodation Services. Please click the button below.

NOTE ABOUT OUR ACCOMMODATION SERVICE :  We do not assign housemates. This is to ensure it is completely your decision who you share accommodation with. This service is just to help with the process of finding other like- minded people who are in the same position as you.

Student Accommodaton
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